7-8 December 2016

Prof. Giuseppe Damante

From 1985 to 1987 he worked as fellow at the UCSF (University of California – San Francisco) where he learned and applied innovative technologies of molecular biology, focusing on investigation of transcriptional regulation in eukaryotes. Then, for two years he had a post-doc position at the l’EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory) of Heidelberg where was engaged in protein production in bacteria. This activity continued from 1991 at the     University of Udine. At this University, first as research assistant and then as full professor, he also conducted investigations on molecular properties of cancer and again was involved in clinical activity in the field of medical genetics. This latter activity is today his main interest. In fact, from 1998 to the present he is the director of the Medical Genetics Institute of Udine University hospital. Besides the research activity he acts as genetic counsellor and coordinates the prenatal and postnatal genetic diagnostic activity. From five years to the present is the coordinator of the course of Health Biotechnologies. From three years to the present he is the coordinator of the PhD program in Cellular and Molecular Medicine. From 2013 to the present he is the Dean delegate of the for Technology Transfer at Udine University; in this field he is mainly engaged in control of the Udine University spin offs as well as relationship with scientific parks.