Lecture title – 7-8 December 2016

Defining Iran’s path for growth

venture capital and private equity lessons from growth markets

Dr. Per Stenius

The Chairman and CTO, and Client Director at Reddal. He has a diverse background in science, top management consulting, venture capital, start-ups, and operative management. Per serves as an Adjunct Professor at Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies, and as a lecturer at Yonsei University in Korea. He has published numerous articles and interviews in leading journals for business and science. As a Partner and Senior Executive at Accenture and McKinsey & Company, he executed several strategy and operational development efforts across multiple industries such as Automotive, aerospace and shipbuilding, Banking, insurance, Construction, maintenance, waste mgmt, Industrial equipment and manufacturing, Telecommunications and media, Transportation, logistics and etc. Per has been involved in founding, leading and exiting multiple startups, including Aplac (co-founder, funded by Nokia, trade-sale to Applied Wave Research), Liekki (CEO, trade-sale to nLight Photonics), Corelase (board member, trade-sale to Rofin Sinar), Wicom (VP Bus. Dev., trade-sale to SAP)

Lecture topics

  • opportunity to open the door to a new future
  • Iran and similar economies in 1981 and their position today
  • Similarities of the Iranian and Turkish economies
  • Market capitalization, FPI and key events of Istanbul Stock Exchange
  • Foreign direct investments, exchange rate and interest rates in Turkey
  • Development of the world’s shipbuilding industry
  • Comparison on national growth models
  • Korean SME vicious vs. virtuous cycle
  • Role of private equity to foster economic growth
  • Middle East country VC-PE attractiveness
  • Overview of PE sector in Iran
  • Main players in Iran market
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