Masoud Zamani

CINO at Fanap

Masoud Zamani is a graduate of the Amirkabir University of Technology and has been working in Iran’s advanced technology ecosystem for more than 18 years. These activities cover a wide range of roles such as technology development, business development, and policymaking. Masoud’s main focus in recent years has been to understand technological trends and promote what he has learned in this regard. He is currently the Chief Innovation Officer at Fanap Holding.


Minority Report, Technological Innovations Analysis

Monday 6 December 2021| 7:30-10:30 CET

Purpose of the workshop

Unpredictability is more than just a threat, it is tremendous opportunity, especially for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Knowledge of how the innovation ecosystem changes in the country and the world will help us to build the mental and of course the business structure that is “Future Proof” and take full advantage of the exciting but dangerous conditions of the current environment. In this workshop, we try to find a good insight towards exponential technologies and a relative understanding of how exponential technologies are transforming our business, industry, ecosystem, and life.

Topics covered in this workshop

  • Exponentioal Growth, Exponential World
  • Exponential Technologies Life cycle
  • Digital Twins, Novel Business Models
  • Entrepreneurship in Exponential World
  • Exponential Organizations”

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