Institutions and Economic Complexity in Iranian Industry

National Research Institute for Science Policy
29 August 2017


  • Economic Complexity
  • Economic Complexity Approach, the best indicator of economic development of countries
  • Review on Economic Complexity Indexes
  • How do these industries grow over time? Comparing the status of countries in this area
  • How to prioritize according to the economic complexity approach?
  • Reviewing countries in the world in terms of changes in the size of their entire economy over the past 50 years
  • When does modern industrial production take place?
  • Economic Corruption, Problems and Challenges in Iran
  • Dependent on oil and gas (O&G) revenues in economy can increase the risk of economic corruption
  • What period of time the most de-industrialization occurred in Iran?

Dr. Shahmoradi

Dr. Behrouz Shahmoradi is Faculty member of National Research Institute for Science Policy (NRISP). He received his PhD in the Economics of International Investment and M.Sc. degree in Economics from International University of Mysore in India. Dr. Shahmoradi is editor and assistant editor of IGI Global Publishing group and International journal of International Journal of Management and Innovation, Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research, International Journal of Business and Financial Management Research and Philippine Scientist Journal. Among his professional backgrounds, we can name: Currency counselor of the Kurdistan Ansar Bank, Economic-commercial consultant of the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization of Kurdistan Province, He is a member of the Kurdistan Chamber of Commerce’s Education and Research Commission.

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Dr. Farshad Momeni

Dr. Farshad Momeni, an economic expert, is the professor and faculty member at Allameh Tabataba’i University and also the president of Institute of Religion and Economics Studies. He believes in institutional economics and used to be the economic advisor to Dr. Mirhossein Mousavi before 10th presidential election. He has written many valuable articles and books such as: Economic Science and Crisis in Iran’s Economy, Anatomy of a Development Plan, Iran’s Economy during Structural Adjustment, Political Economics of Development in Today’s Iran, Knowledge-based Economy: Analysis of the Role of Technology and Innovation in Economic Development, Technological Changes and the Future of Development in Iran, Institutional Theory in Political Science (translation to Persian, a book by B. Guy Peters).

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