Hamid Alibeiki

COO at BVenture – Technology Transfer Strategist

COO at BVenture, and Technology Transfer Strategist with 6 years background in different cou countries. Hamid is Qualified Global Mentor by G20 with a lot of mentes from around the world.


Principles of technology transfer in Arab Countires.

Saturday 4 December 2021 | 7:30-10:30

Purpose of the workshop

Based on research and study conducted in GCC countries to develop the activities of Iranian startups and Hi-Tech companies, this region serves as a bridge to the market of other countries in the world as developing countries and due to its location Geographically selected as the region’s air and sea hub, connecting to emerging economies. These countries have also been the target of many foreign investors, and the financial and political conditions of these countries have always been taken into consideration. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that from an economic point of view, GCC countries have an emerging and growing market, which is thirsty for new, technological and creative services. Therefore, in addition to introducing the innovation ecosystem in these countries, this workshop tries to explain how to interact with investors, methods of concluding cooperation agreements and the laws governing this ecosystem.

Topics covered in this workshop

  • Introduction of innovation ecosystem of Arab countries
  • The best TTC method
  • Challenges for Iranian teams in these countries

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