The yearly IRAMOT conference is the largest annual gathering of activists, strategists, and policymakers, academics working in the Technology management field, as well as enthusiasts and innovators from various industrial sectors. Therefore, the conference has always been considered as the main approach to networking among various participants from these communities.

During the previous events, the networking among the conference attendances was done at intervals of the conference, break times, panel discussions, and other conference sessions. However, due to the covid-19 pandemic, conducting the virtual conference was inevitable, and as a result, networking opportunities among the conference participants could not be organized

In the coming conference (IRAMOT 2021 conference), the decision was made to hold the conference in combination (presence and virtual). For providing networking opportunities for the participants to have a virtual meeting with speakers, panelists, and activists, the conference’s secretariat board has arranged a specific program in which, meetings and networking can be conducted in a virtual way!

The virtual meeting program has been organized to be held December 4-9 (2021), each meeting will take place about in 15-20 minutes. Details of this program, as well as the list of the experts and their meeting time schedule, will be announced on the conference website page in the next few weeks. The participants can choose and request the looked-for meetings with the experts at designated times. After approval, the virtual meetings will be arranged during the conference and will be informed to the participants.

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