Italian Delegation

Dec. 07-08-2016

Dr. Loredana Pastore

She is a lawyer with a specialization in Legal and Notary Professions. She has recently obtained a Master’s Program degree in Management and Innovation in Public Administration with a thesis on the Biomedical Technological Transfer, specific reference to the Pharmaceutical Industry. She has been working on the evaluation of Public Research Results since 2002, having obtained a professional experience on Management issues, Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer; also in International contexts. She is also involved in the Netval Association activities by working on its publications, attending its summer and winter schools, and conferences (in Italy and abroad). Starting from 2015, she is been working as a Project Manager for the Third Mission area at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. This division has the specific goal to deal with the exploitation of research results in order to foster the interaction between university research, industry sector and the territory. Therefore, the Third Mission office promotes the creation of Spin-Off or Start-Up, assists professors and researchers during the licensing process and supports them in the presentation of research projects.