Iran-Italy cooperation in the field of technology development and innovation

7-8 December 2016

Dr. Seyed Kamran Bagheri

Dr. Seyed Kamran Bagheri has a diverse set of experiences in IP and Innovation management consulting and coaching. He was awarded the Technology Management Award by the Iranian Association of Management of Technology in 2011. Mr. Bagheri is a frequent speaker on IP management and commercialization. He has a publication record both in Iranian and international journals and has published several influential and award-winning books in Persian. He created and administers a popular website on IP and innovation management in Persian (www.hamafarini.com). Mr. Bagheri received his PhD in Innovation Management at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Italy. He has educational background in IP Law and Mechanical Engineering.

Lecture topics

  • Italy is among the top trading partner of Iran
  • Iran-Italy Innovation Dialogue is an attempt explore opportunities
  • Why Italy
  • Why Iran
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