Dr. Ebrahim Souzanchi Kashani


Dr. Souzanchi is Assistant Professor at Sharif University of Technology, Visiting Fellow, SPRU, University of Sussex. Ebrahim finished his Bsc degree in Electronics Engineeing in Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, on 2002. He switched to Master of Business Administration (MBA) in the Graduate School of Management and Economics (GSME) at Sharif University and graduated on 2005. He started his Dphil in Science, Technology and Innovation policy studies at SPRU from October 2008 and successfully graduated in July 2011under supervision of Prof. Erik Millstone. He is now a faculty member of the Graduate School of Mangement and Economics (GSME) at Sharif University of Technology.

Lecture topics

August 2017- 29

  • ASIALICS 2017
  • Statistics
  • Innovation Survey
  • Technology based firms
  • Iranian data
  • Classification of sectors
  • Analysis
  • HMT‐LMT sectors in more advanced countries
  • HMT – LMT sectors in Iran and advanced countries
  • HMT sectors vs. TBFs in Iran

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