Italian Delegation

Dec. 07-08-2016

Dr. Cristiano Piani

For over 15 years he has been dealing with technology transfer and patenting and since 2010 he is responsible for Industrial Liaison Office of the University of Trieste. He deals daily patenting and intellectual property exploitation: He personally followed the filing and valorization of more than fifty patents and the creation of several university spin-offs. He is a contract lecturer for the University of Trieste for the course of “Legislation and patenting” in the undergraduate program of Biological Science and Technology (48 teaching hours, 6 CFU). Currently he holds courses on patenting and startup/spinoff creation both at the university level (doctorate, students, and conferences) and non-university (entrepreneurs, practitioners, consultants) as well as business advice on the protection of intellectual property. He is interested in: railways operations analysis and simulation, traffic signals planning, transit management, medical devices, neurodegenerative diseases and aerospace/satellites.