Italian Delegation

Dec. 07-08-2016

Dr. Anna Rita Longhi

She is an employee of the University of Rome Tor Vergata since 2004, carrying out activities for the exploitation of research results and technology transfer. She is responsible for the Marketing and communication area of the Roman Science Park, the University Company for the valorization of the public research results and the management of the incubator of innovative companies. She is member of the Marketing and Communications Committee of APSTI (Italian Science and Technology Parks Association) and coordinator of the Start Cup Lazio, the PNI (national award for innovation) competition. Graduated in sciences education (Management of educational institutions). Ten-year experience in an American company, as well as that in the public sector, in the marketing and communication area, enabled her to go into issues related to technology transfer between public and private sectors and to facilitate networking activities with international institutions, productive tissue, industrial companies and financial organizations, facilitating the cooperation in research and industrial development, as well as the realization of innovative business projects.