Italian Delegation

Dec. 07-08-2016

Dr. Alessio Polacchini

Fellowship as Technology Transfer Officer at Centro di Riferimento Oncologico (IRCCS CRO Aviano) – National Cancer Institute. At November 2015 he achieved the State Exam for professional qualification as a biologist, at University of Trieste; by the end of April he has got the PhD in Neuroscience and Cognitive Sciences at University of Trieste. In the meanwhile, he worked as post-doctoral Collaborator at TABA Operative Unit of the Cellular and Molecular Neuroanatomy Lab at University of Trieste, Italy, carrying out a project consisting in the design and validation of in vitro tests for diagnostic biomarkers of human neuropsychiatric diseases. Before PhD studentship, started in 2012 with tutor Dr. Enrico Tongiorgi, he has got the Master of Science in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies at University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in September 2010; in January 2008, he has got the Bachelor degree in Biotechnologies at the same University as the master degree.