Conference Themes

  • 15th Conference Main Theme (2021)
  • 14th Conference Main Theme(2020)
  • 13th Conference Main Theme (2019)
  • 12th Conference Main Theme(2018)
  • 11th Conference Main Theme (2017)
  • 10th Conference Main Theme (2016)
  • 9th Conference Main Theme ( 2015)
  • 8th Conference Main Theme (2014)
  • 7th Conference Main Theme (2013)
  • 6th Conference Main Theme (2012)
15th Conference Main Theme (2021)

Toward a knowledge-based economic growth

Dedicated Themes:

  • The role of Technology and Innovation in economic productivity
  • Technology Management and Innovation in state-owned companies
  • The spread of Technology and Innovation in traditional industries
  • Discourse building on the move toward knowledge-based economics
  • Emerging paradigms in Science, Technology and Innovation policy making
  • Challenges and Strategies for Implementing Technological and Innovative Models in Industries with Comparative Economic Competitive Advantage (Cultural, Creative, Agricultural, Health, Energy, Digital)

General Themes:

Technology evaluation

Technology diplomacy

Technology intelligence

Technological entrepreneurship

Intellectual property management

Strategic technology management

Futurism and Foresight

Commercialization of knowledge and Technology

Technology and Innovation policy

Open Innovation and Innovation Networks

Financing  innovation and development of Technology

Knowledge management in the service of Technology development

Innovation Management and new product development

Research in the field of Technology Management training and Innovation

14th Conference Main Theme(2020)

The role of Technology Management and Innovation in promoting national resilience and sustainable development

13th Conference Main Theme (2019)

Technological developments, Innovation ecosystems and future business models

12th Conference Main Theme(2018)

Technological learning, Innovation and synergy in the context of international interactions

11th Conference Main Theme (2017)

 Technological learning and competitiveness in international interactions era

10th Conference Main Theme (2016)

Learning and Technological Innovation in large enterprises and networks

9th Conference Main Theme ( 2015)

Innovation and commercialization of knowledge and Technology with emphasis on the role of small, medium, large and knowledge-based enterprise networks.

8th Conference Main Theme (2014)

.The role of large enterprises and networks in Technology development

7th Conference Main Theme (2013)

Technology Management in the service of national competitiveness and social welfare.

6th Conference Main Theme (2012)

Technology Management in developing countries with the approach of the indigenous model of Technology development.

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