Behbood ‌Benny Borghei

Researcher, RISE-Research Institutes of Sweden

Behbood Benny Borghei is a PhD graduate from Linköping University in Sweden. He holds master’s degrees in industrial engineering and management as well as international business and trade. His main areas of research include systems of innovation and sustainability transitions with focus on the Europeam automotive industry and electromobility. He is currently working at the Research Institutes of Sweden-RISE.


An introduction to systems of innovation and sustainability transitions

Sunday 5 December 2021 | 7:30 to 10:30

Purpose of the workshop

While the need for transportation is ever increasing, urban air pollutions in large cities have become a major problem due to the dependency on the century-old technological paradigm in the automotive industry, namely the internal combustion engine. How can the large established industries such as automotive sector embark for change towards more sustainable solutions? Systemic approach to the study of industrial transformations provides wholistic frameworks for a better understanding of the major challenges and opportunities ahead as well as integrative technology policy provisions to facilitate sustainability transitions.

Topics covered in this workshop

  • Innovation Systems, Sustainability Transitions
  • Strategic Niche Management, Organizational Learning
  • Case studies on electromobility and sustainability transitions from the Nordic and Western Europe

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