A Different Approach to ICT: Pasargad bank Experience in Forming FANAP ICT Group

Pasargad Arian ICT Company (FANAP ICT Co.)
29 August 2017

The panel titled “A different experience of facing ICT: the experience of Pasargad Bank in creation of Fanap” was held with Majid Ghasemi, the CEO of Pasargad Bank, Shahab Javanmardi, the CEO of Fanap Company, and Zahara Mirhoseini, the Vice President of ICT in Pasargad Bank, as panel members.

“One of our biggest challenges was the shift to use new Core Banking Software” Majid Ghasemi said. “The first problem was managers of the previous software who believed we cannot do this and thus did not have sufficient cooperation with us. After some months of inconclusive meetings, our young staff asked us to break the entrance gate of the software and we accepted inevitably – this company is being supported by Fanap now” he added. He stated, “the next challenge was shifting to new software with the least problems and outages. Before us, another bank substituted this software just in a limited part which resulted in disruptions of their systems for three weeks and consequently damaging its reputation”.


  • FANAP introduction
  • Interesting story of the FANP formation
  • The challenge of migrating to new software
  • If it was 12 years ago
  • FANAP distinction
  • Success in providing the comprehensive Pasargad modern banking solutions and strategies
  • What they recommend to newcomers

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