Conference Approach

The Role of Management of Technology & Innovation in Promoting National Resilience and Sustainable Development

Conference Thematic Streams:

Conference Axes:

1) Present and future Considerations for Resilient Development

2) Technology Megatrends and Sustainable Development

3) Sustainable Development and Challenges of Industry 4.0

4) Role of Start-up Ecosystem in Sustainable Development

5) Importance of Diversity (culture, social, technical, etc.) for Innovation and Resilient Development

6) Role of Governmental, Semi-governmental and Private Sectors in Development of National Innovation Capacity

7) Creative Industries and Social Innovation

8) International Technological Collaborations under Sanctions.

9) Role of Standards in Development and Maturity of Innovation Management in Firms

General axes of the conference:

1) Strategic Management of Technology

2) Intellectual Property Management

3) Research and Development Management

4) Management of Innovation and New Product Development

5) Knowledge Management in Technology Development

6) Open Innovation and Innovation Networks

7) Commercialization of Knowledge and Technology

8) Technological Entrepreneurship

9) Financing Innovation and Technology Development

10) Futures studies and foresight

11) Technology Assessment

12) Technology Intelligence

13) Technology and Innovation Policy Making

14) Research in Technology and Innovation Management

15) Technology Diplomacy