The expert panel, discussing the “Innovation as a key driver for creative industries”, was held on the second day of the IRAMOT’s 10th International Conference. It was review that how the frontier of economics and culture, are moving towards each other and bring the great potential for advances on Iranian the creative industries, as well as some obstacles including passive approaches in nurturing these industries such as unfulfilling training and educating programs. The other proposed topic was the intellectual property concerns; raising debates on the protecting creative products in the market and the regulation requirements of the industry. Multi-stakeholder nature of creative economic activities, leading to some conflicts of interest, alongside the absence of professional guilds and communities, was also discussed. University-industry and public-private cooperation, as well as considering international markets, was mentioned as some worth-taking efforts.پانل-تخصصی-5-1.jpg

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Secretariat of the 10th International Conference on Management of Technology and Innovation