Executive Committee Chairperson of the IRAMOT, Ms. Mitra Aminlou, delivered a speech in the end of the two-day conference of the 10th International Conference of IRAMOT. She first talked about the dilemma of holding online event; missing a face-to-face networking opportunity while rising the number of audience as well as major opportunity to straightforwardly invite international outstanding scholars and Iranian experts living abroad. Ms. Aminlou also mentioned the initiative of case-writing sessions alongside the oral paper presentations, as a successful novel idea helping Iranian innovative enterprises document and share their experiences.
Then she formally announced stablishing of the Industry Working-group, alongside other three working-groups, with the ultimate goal of helping industry with its innovative needs by interconnecting industries and experts. As the forthcoming schedule for the IRAMOT, Ms. Aminlou raising some thoughtful viewpoints and emphasized on the context-building as opposed to role-playing, including engaging more industry practitioners and more inclusion of professional parties.
In the end, she thanked IRAMOT’s board of directors, INIF and NRISP as the hosts of the event, and wholehearted persistent efforts of the executive team and their noteworthy accountability.


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Secretariat of the 10th International Conference on Management of Technology and Innovation