Closing ceremony of The 14th National and 10th International IRAMOT Conference was held on Thursday Dec 3rd 2020. Dr Soroush Ghazinoori started his speech with explaining the significance of the theme of the conference, “Innovation management in the face of crisis”, which is amplified by the restricted international relations and economic sanctions. Chairman of Iranian Association for Management of Technology and Innovation, then mentioned the prior importance of the health conditions over the arrangements for the event, which lead to withdrawal of hybrid arrangements, making the conference an entirely online gathering.
He also illustrated the position of the IRAMOT as an admitted community, which for the last two days hosted valuable expert panels, rich keynote speeches and state-of-the-are paper presentations, conforming its annual ritual. Dr Ghazinoori then declared that IRAMOT is a median institution, considered as a focal platform for managers, policy-makers, academicians, students and other fond participants, who is welcoming brilliant ideas from all aspiring enthusiasts across the technology and innovation ecosystem.
He ended his points by expressing his gratitude to all involved partners, in particular the enthusiastic executive board, who managed to hold the fully online conference and could set an example for adapting a maiden adjustments as response to external strains

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Secretariat of the 10th International Conference on Management of Technology and Innovation