Conference Themes

Main Theme of the Conference:
Innovation Management in the Face of Crisis

Specific Themes:

Competitive advantage of development of alternative technologies to oil and fossil fuels (biotechnology, cultural and creative industries, agriculture)
Innovation and technology development joint with environmental turbulence after COVID19
New technological trends of Industry 4.0 in emerging economies (digital, green, rotational, wireless)
Political challenges, sanction; new poliraztions in international arena and emerging markets
The role of technomarkets and mediating institutions in technology cooperation and transfer

General Themes:

Strategic management of technologyR&D management
Intellectual property management
Knowledge management for technology development
Opne innovation and innovation networks
Commercialization of knowledge and technology
Technological entrepreneurship
Innovation financing and technology development
Futurology and futurism
Technology evaluation
Technology intelligence
Innovation and technology policy-making
Research in training innovation and technology management
Technology diplomacy

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