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The streams are meant to cover a relatively wide area in the topic of Innovation and Technology Management . The selection of an Stream is needed for abstract and paper submission.

  1. 1.Strategic management of Technology
  2. 2.Technology Transfer and Strategic collaborations
  3. 3.Research and Development Management
  4. 4.Innovation and New Product Development
  5. 5.Service Innovation
  6. 6.Commercialization of Technology and Knowledge
  7. 7.Technopreneurship
  8. 8.Knowledge Management for Technology Development
  9. 9.Management of Intellectual Property
  10. 10.Foresight and Future Studies
  11. 11.Technology Assesment
  12. 12.Technology Intelligence
  1. 13.Technology and Innovation policy
  2. 14.National,Sectoral and Technological Innovation
  3. 15.Economic,Social and Cultural Impact of Technology
    and Its Role in Sustainable Development
  4. 16.Technology and Innovation Management Education
  5. 17.Technology and Innovation Management Research
  6. 18.Technology Diplomacy
  7. 19.Open Innovation and Innovation Networks
  8. 20.Technology Parks, Incubators and Accelerators
  9. 21.Financing Innovation and Technology Development

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